Sublue White Shark Mix


  •  Glide through the great deep with this Sublue WhiteShark underwater scooter.
  • Its two motors let you roam the water effortlessly at up to 3.35 mph in depths down to 131 feet, and it has an action camera mount, so you can capture footage of your undersea adventures.
  • This Sublue WhiteShark underwater scooter comes with an attachable float to facilitate positive buoyancy.
  • Aqua Blue

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WHITE SHARK MIX is a compact underwater scooter launched by SUBLUE.

An ingenious underwater scooter equipped with double propellers. The small and integrated design makes it easy to carry and operate. Swim and dive like a champion even if you are new to the water.

The patented design and engineering of the White shark Mix are unparalleled in the industry. The symmetrical design created by the dual thrusters provides balance and agility in the water, and light weight portability on land. Small, but mighty, the White shark Mix flies through the water at 3.4 MPH at a maximum depth of 130ft, faster and deeper than units costing more than twice as much.

The White shark Mix comes equipped with a universal action camera mount, perfect for everything from family vacation videos, to recording your rare find out on the reef.

– Size: 15 x 5.5 x 4.7 inch
– Weight: 6.4 lbs
– Speed: 3.35 miles/h (maximum)
– Working Depth: 40m / 130ft (depth limit)
– Endurance: 45 minutes (normal use)
– Battery: 11000mAh


  1. Speed may vary from person to person based on load and environment.
  2. 45 minutes is the average time when used by swimmers in normal underwater conditions and will vary with the intensity of usage.
  3. ItClimbing Hubs suggested to prepare two or more dedicated batteries to swap out during longer sessions.
  4. Action camera is not included with the White shark mix and should be purchased independently to make videos.


  1. Simple operation- magnet switches on both left and right handles make the White shark Mix easy to use.
  2. Portable size with plenty of energy. Total weight of 6.4lbs is easily to carry at home or abroad. Dual thrusters release 8kgf thrust in total to explore the underwater world.
  3. Comes with a removable floater for either positive or neutral buoyancy, waterproof construction with protective covers to prevent fingers from accidental injury.
  4. Powered by a sealed and rechargeable 11000hAm battery, with a run time of up to 45 minutes with normal usage. The working depth is rated to 40m / 130ft, with maximum speed of 3.35miles/h.
  5. Equipped with an action camera mount for POV filming.

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