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The Best Wetsuits for Triathlon | Tips & Brands

If you’re used to swimming, diving, or surfing in cold waters, a well-insulated wetsuit protects you from hypothermia and helps keep your body warm. But if you’re training for a triathlon, then it’s time to keep your regular wetsuits aside! With a triathlon wetsuit, there are several factors to consider besides warmth.

We’re here to help you get an idea of what the best wetsuits for triathlon are and how to find the right pick.

How to choose a triathlon wetsuit

With endless triathlon wetsuit options for beginners and triathletes, purchasing the right triathlon wetsuit requires some research on your part. Here’s what to look for:

  1. Right fit

Wetsuits should fit tight and snug, but they shouldn’t be too restricted or painful. Try on your triathlon wetsuit dry and wet, and make sure there aren’t any air pockets between the skin and the suit.

  1. Free range-of-motion

Your swim stroke shouldn’t be altered by your triathlon wetsuit. The perfect wetsuits should allow for full swim strokes without pulling down on the limbs. And you can always go for sleeveless wetsuits, although they’re not as buoyant or warm as long-sleeved ones.

  1. Neoprene fabric & texture

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber fabric that gives wetsuits buoyancy and warmth. For more powerful swim strokes, molded neoprene forearm panels are incorporated into wetsuits.

  1. Extra buoyant fabric panels

Extra flotation in the bottom, lower back, calf, and chest areas of the wetsuits gives the body a lift and improves swim posture. A triathlon wetsuit with extra buoyant fabric panels can be of great help for non-technical swimmers.

  1. High-quality collars, zippers, cuffs, and seams

Collars and cuffs should be comfortable, yet snug to prevent water from infiltrating the wetsuits. Zippers should move up and down effortlessly when pulled on. And to reduce rubbing and chafing against the skin, look for flat-locked seams.

The best triathlon wetsuit brands

  1. Billabong wetsuits

All Billabong wetsuits are excellent for all types of water sports. Made in Taiwan, the quality and durability of the Billabong wetsuits are good value for money. Graphene – the material in the Billabong wetsuits – is said to be the thinnest, most heat-conductive, and strongest material on earth. It is used in all the Billabong wetsuits as it makes you warmer, all the faster and longer. Also, if you’re conscious about the environment, you’ll be glad to know that besides the Billabong wetsuits, Billabong produces eco-friendly smart foam!

  1. Rip Curl Wetsuits

One of the many advantages of the Rip Curl wetsuits is that they give maximum stretch that allows for a flexible range of motion. If you plan to stay in cool water for too long, go for the Rip Curl wetsuits. Manufactured in Thailand, the Flashbomb Heat Seeker model of the Rip Curl wetsuits earned awards for being the warmest and fastest-drying wetsuit. But when buying the Rip Curl wetsuits, consider sizing up. This is because the Rip Curl wetsuits tend to be a smaller fit with a longer torso and legs.

  1. Oneill wetsuit

The Oneill wetsuit range is all about performance, technology, comfort, and function. In 1952, Jack O’Neill invented the first-ever neoprene wetsuit, and ever since, the company has been recognized as the top wetsuit brand worldwide. The Oneill wetsuit undergoes relentless water-testing and refinement to guarantee ultimate performance. And if you’re worried about wetsuit punctures, the Oneill wetsuit features unique technology such as the double fluid seam weld applied to triple glued seams.

With a massive range to choose from, there’s a Oneill wetsuit for every level and budget.

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