VK-18 CODIA 2.85 meters single kayak

1 Year warranty


  • Size 285x84x34cm
  • Hull weight:26kg(57lbs)
  • Weight capacity:150kg (330lbs)
  • G.W:34kg
  • Durable LLDPE/HDPE
  • Anti-UV:8

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VK-18 CODIA 2.85 meters single kayak


The pro adventurer’s choice to cover water quickly; representing a whole new level of speed beautifully balanced with stability that’s there whenever you need it. With the sharp shape in the front, it cuts through any chopped water with ease- with 2pcs aluminum rail for fishing rod holder. At 9.3 feet long with a slightly pronounced spine for superior tracking, this kayak is engineered to make every paddle stroke as effortless as possible to get you to your next destination barracuda-fast.


  • 1 Paddle
  • 1 Comfortable Aluminum frame seat
  • 8 scupper plugs
  • 1 drain plug
  • 4 plastic handles
  • 4 flush rod holders
  •  1 square hatch
  • 1 triangular hatch
  • 1 black bungee
  • 1 paddle packing
  • 1 fish finder hole
  • 2H-track
  • 2-foot rest

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