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Buying the Best Electric Scooter | Brands & Safety Gear

You may think that electric scooters are overhyped, but the truth is they deserve every bit of it! The best thing about electric scooters is that they’re cheap, convenient, and very easy to drive. You can simply go anywhere; run errands in no time using an electric scooter. And the more they are in demand, […]

Balance Board Types & Brands| a Quick Introduction

A balance board is a great multipurpose tool that helps improve core strength, balance, and overall fitness. From exercise fanatics and circus performers to kids with plenty of pent-up energy, a balance board is the simple, underrated piece of sports equipment you need to have a fun workout in less than a square meter! Balance […]

Tips for Choosing the Right Hiking Shoes

Hiking is one of the most underrated, rigorous outdoor activities. From afar, it seems like an easy hobby to take. But when you ask hikers whether the sport requires endurance or not? The answer is a sure Yes! Hiking often takes a toll on the body, especially the feet. Thus, a pair of comfy, protective […]

Stargazing in UAE | The Best Spots & Basic Gear

With almost everyone staring at their screens all the time, many are turning their gaze to the desert to wind down and get in touch with the natural world. If you’re looking for an opportunity to look up instead of down, stargazing in UAE is the perfect activity to do. Below you’ll find a list […]

Dirt Biking in Dubai| Technical Tips and Gear

Dubai isn’t just about luxury hotels and beaches. Some of the best experiences in Dubai start in the desert with an electric dirt bike! If you think it’s time to sharpen your dune bashing skills, consider dirt biking in Dubai on the back of an electric dirt bike. And read on to know how to […]

Pearl Dive in UAE | Destinations & Gear

The history of pearl dive in UAE dates back to over 7,000 years ago. Those pearls hunted by the local Emiratis travelled to Italy, India, Sri Lanka, and many more. Once a vital trade, pearl dive in UAE has taken a back seat today and is practiced on a low scale merely as a fun, […]

The Best Rock Climbing Spots in UAE | Basic Gear

UAE’s borders with Oman are blessed with some of the most enjoyable and challenging rock climbing spots. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a well-practiced climber, you’ll find rock climbing in UAE a fun adventure for everyone. Just be sure you’re not faint at heart, and then you’re ready to go! Below is a list […]

10 Places to Visit Next Time You’re in Alserkal Avenue

Once a small bock of warehouse spaces, Alserkal Avenue has transformed into a creative hub where major art, food, fashion, and music events take place. At 500,000 sqft, you’ll need more than one visit to discover the whole place, but here are ten places to visit next time you’re in Alserkal Avenue in case you’re […]

Dubai Garden Glow | What You Need to Know

Dubai Garden Glow is a unique blend of fine art and eco-consciousness. Basically, Dubai Garden Glow is crafted from simple recyclable items, the outcome of which is a wondrous gigantic garden of fascinating trees, animals, and a replica of Burj Khalifa. These unique installations that glitter at night form the largest theme park of this […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Butterfly Garden Dubai

A 6,673 sqm of indoor and outdoor gardens filled with nature’s most beautiful winged creatures – butterflies – and colorful plants and flowers of all types, Butterfly Garden Dubai is where all beauty seekers should head. Need to know more about why you should visit Butterfly Garden Dubai? Keep reading. The hidden gem of butterflies […]

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